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With the increasing popularity of and affordability of larger size television sets and HDTV , it is getting more popular for many to stay at home and watch movies rather than go to a theatre. Here are the most professional and trusted pay-per-view or places online.


Being an industry leader, Paramount has new and exciting ways to rent Paramount movies. With Movielink(TM) movie download service you can download movies and store them up to 30 days, with unlimited viewing for 24 hours.
Paramount Pictures

Enjoy the films you want at the exact moment you want to watch them! No waiting for start times! You have full VCR functionality - you can pause, fast forward, rewind and stop the program at any time, plus you have a full 24 hours to enjoy your selection! Simply use your remote control to select the desired title from the on-screen menu. As a subscriber, you will need to upgrade to digital cable (check with your local cable provider for availability

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Coupled with the advancements in encoding technology that compresses, streams and reads the video you can now get top quality digital picture with payperview and watch new releases still in theatres at in your own home.
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It is still quite expensive for most. The cost of high-speed internet access, giant screen tvs and the pay-per-view service still makes them a luxury for most people but as the technology advances the prices will come down, and soon it may be common in most households to be switching channels between online broadcasts on there TV set.

Pay Per View On Demand Movies

Rogers On Demand
Dish Network

After launching nine satellites, EchoStar has the capacity to offer over 500 digital video, data and audio channels of programming including local networks and HDTV.

TVN Entertainment Corporation

A newer network, TVN is a video on demand (VOD) content solutions company that has rapidly become a leading provider of on demand television programming, management and delivery services. TVN currently offers more than 2000 hours of VOD programming from over 70 content providers.


Another leader in the pay per view industry with a wide selection of TV shows, movies and sports.